Philadelphia, PA

Start Time: April 08, 2011 04:30 pm
End Time: April 08, 2011 07:30 pm

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With approximately 40 people in attendance—including foundations and endowments and emerging managers—the focus of this gathering was to start a discussion was to initiate a movement on the issue of emerging and minority managers working with foundations and endowments and to raise awareness of the potential positive impact of these relationships on communities through investment strategies and philanthropic support. The ideas gathered from this roundtable will help us shape a larger Foundation & Endowment Emerging Manager meeting in the upcoming fall or winter.

Specifically, the goals were to:

  •  Identify core opportunities and challenges surrounding the inclusion of emerging managers in gaining access to searches and due diligence for managing foundation and endowment assets
  • Develop a set of best practices and program models to share among foundations and endowments that can be showcased as positive examples of emerging manager investment strategies.
  • Identify the double bottom line benefits to endowments and foundations, including positive returns and better alignment of organizational mission and investment partnerships.

–       Create a working/advisory group dedicated to supporting and informing a summit that will engage greater numbers of foundations and endowments in conversations with emerging managers.