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Mission Overview

RG + Associates has been contracted by the FDIC to help increase the participation of small, minority, and women-owned investors in FDIC ORE MarketPlace Sales and Auctions.

About the ORE MarketPlace and Auctions

The FDIC is responsible for efficiently disposing of assets from failed banks in the most cost-effective manner possible. The FDIC has assets from failed banks available for acquisition by investors and individuals.

The FDIC recognizes the important contributions made by diverse businesses and strongly supports minority and women-owned businesses. To ensure a diversity of participation in the Owned Real Estate (ORE) program, the FDIC welcomes and strongly encourages minority- and women-owned investors and individuals to participate in the bidding under the program.

Investors have the ability to purchase ORE assets either through MarketPlace sales or auctions. Purchasing from the MarketPlace will ensure that you lock up the specific property that you want. Auction properties are offered in two ways, either with a reserve or absolute. However, from now until approximately two weeks prior to the auction event, all properties may be purchased by working with the listing broker to submit a contract for purchase.

Learn more by attending any of the following FDIC facilitated Events

ORE Webinars

Webinars will take place on the dates below. All webinars will start at 7:00 PM EST and will be 30 – 45 minutes in length. Space is limited, sign-up now by clicking the button of desired date. You will receive a confirmation email with additional webinar details.

November 21

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If you are a real estate agent or broker interested in introducing your clients to the FDIC MarketPlace and auction opportunities, please contact RG + Associates at 510-628-0345, or info@rgassociates.org for more information.

Questions regarding ORE?

For more information, Email RealEstateforSale@fdic.gov or call (972) 761-2163

Questions regarding Events?

Contact RG + Associates at info@rgassociates.org