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March, 5 – 6

March, 7 – 9
Sydney, Australia

March 9 – 11
Hong Kong, China

March 11 – 13

March 13 – 16
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

March 16 – 18
London, UK


The U.S. middle-market is vast and employs 40 percent of Americans. A wide variety of potentially attractive investment strategies exist which focus on high growth companies in the U.S. In addition to venture capital, these include growth equity and mezzanine debt. In an environment marked by constrained lending by commercial banks, these strategies offer an alternative source of financing to companies and the potential for investors to earn attractive returns. Another private market strategy that is critical to saving jobs during periods of economic decline involves the restructuring of failing companies.

Over the last decade, the U.S. has experienced a surge in International institutional investor interest in U.S. venture capital and private equity. However, it is often difficult for these investors to gain exposure, confidence and knowledge about the potential returns available across the spectrum of opportunities This 14-day around-the-world road show will enable the United States to share with foreign investors insight into investing in U.S.-based venture and private equity funds, while at the same time allowing the opportunity to introduce specific fund capabilities to potential foreign-based institutional investors and learn about their investment criteria in one-on-one meetings and in less formal settings.

In each city we have organized a comprehensive one-day workshop on “Navigating the Road to U.S. Private Equity/Venture Capital Investments . ” The day will consist of panel presentations by U.S. experts (Deloitte, Jones Day and select participating U.S.-based venture capital and private equity managers), followed by focused meetings between U.S. fund managers and international institutional investors.

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